You Always go Back to Joining!

FROM BECKY:Something that often comes up for me when teaching parents in the Son-Rise Program is that they think there is a time period for which to join the child’s isms and then…….they are done.

Well, here’s the latest… The Son-Rise Program we ALWAYS go back to joining! As long as our children ism, we join.

I just got to spend two wonderful hours in the playroom with my beautiful friend David. Over the past weeks he has been amazingly interactive, at times up to an hour at a time. He seemed to have cycled through his ism of rolling cars back and fourth in the past few months and we were doing all kinds of new things like drawing together, cutting out, reading and writing and pretending to phone different animals.

Today, I entered the playroom and he had all the cars down and was doing his old ism of rolling them back and fourth while holding his head close to the floor and watching them out of one eye.

I wasn’t alarmed, I didn’t panic, I didn’t need him to play with me! I went back to the drawing board and joined joined joined! Not only did I join but I thought “YES” what a beautiful, meaningful amazing way to show him my love is STILL unconditional and I will STILL have just as much fun isming as playing with him. So I joined, and I joined and I joined.


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