Celebrating Firsts

FROM MARY: Hi, I’m writing MY ‘FIRST’ BLOG POST EVER, and I’m celebrating that I am writing it!!!!

My Son-Rise Journey began 4 and half years ago with my son Sean and my daughter Marion.
Sean and Marion are my adorable 8 yr. old twins. Each is unique, adorable, gifted and wise, in their own way. They were both born with Down syndrome, and then after 2yrs. of our Son-Rise Program, both were diagnosed with Autism. More about that in another blog.
I want to celebrate that recently, FOR THE ‘FIRST’ TIME EVER, my daughter Marion chose to communicate with words, that she had an ear infection!!! I always use my keen observation of Marion’s ways of expressing herself in ways other than words (hitting herself in the forehead with her fist, crying, acting physically forceful, isming a lot, o yea, and staying up most of the night making loud sounds, and jumping in her room) to decide it’s time to get her ears checked for a possible ear infection. In the past, being as calm as I can, I always let Marion know, ‘I’m doing my best to understand you…and if you can use your words I may understand you better’.
On this action packed day, (2 SR volunteer trainings planned, and my sitter cancelled) Marion was sitting on the living room floor, crying, and began to hit herself in the forehead, right when my cousin Rosemary was just about to go into SR training with Sean. We asked Marion….’why are you crying? We all heard Marion clearly say….
“Ear hurt”, “Hurting ear!!!!!
We all Celebrated Marion and she became excited that we celebrated her using her words!! I immediately called the doctor…. and got the appointment within 30 minutes! When we got there, FOR THE ‘FIRST TIME EVER, Marion walked into the examination room independently, and by herself, she got on the table, and she lay down and let the Doctor look in her ears!! All THIS IS FOR THE ‘FIRST’ TIME !! In the past I had to hold her on my lap. We all – my older son Nuccio, my friend Bridget who was helping me, Doctor Sheila, Marion and I did High Fives’ with each other to Celebrate Marion!! We immediately told my husband Nunzio when he came home, and Celebrated Again!!
Celebrating You!

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  1. Celebrating your amazingly inspiring first post!!

    Lots of love,

  2. Anonymous says:

    AWSUMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sis, thank you for sharing your first blog and that fantastic moment! You and yours, are truely an inspiration! Dee

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