Commit Oneself

From Kate Wilde:In the Son-Rise Program we often say, “If you are going to go down go down big.”

What this means is that no matter what we decide to do do it with passion and commitment, without fear or hesitation in the full bloom of the strongest love you can muster up in the moment.

When we work with children at The Autism Treatment Center of America everything we do we commit our hearts and soul to. If we are joining, we join with full commitment, if we are introducing a game we do so with 100% belief that not only is it a great game, but our child will want to play it. It is this commitment that makes us fun, and exciting to play with. It is this commitment to what we are doing that helps us stay focused and centered in the playroom.

This commitment does not mean that we cannot change direction at a moments notice, no matter what we have decided to do we can always change, you do not need to hesitate in the moment to know this. We have the power of choice in each moment, the only question is are we going to live it in hesitation or with full commitment?

As Goethe says:

” Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

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