Creative Ideas for your playroom

From Kate Wilde:

This video shows you a theme you can play with your child to encourage physical participation. It is a theme using a piece of string that you run across your playroom. If you put a hook on each wall you can install it like a washing line and take it down whenever it is not in use.

This game involves rescueing Elmo. However you can use this washing line for many other ideas.

  • You can drape a sheet over it and divide your room into smaller sections making a den or a house like game, one section being the bedroom the other the kitchen –  great to inspire imagination games..Or play “peek-a-boo”.
  • You can hang pieces of paper with a letter on it and play a giant hang man game.
  • You can use it like a sport’s net and play tennis or volley ball.
  • You can draw or paint pictures and hang them up to create an art gallery together.

Most important element is to add The Son-Rise Program 3 E’s.
Enjoy all the many things you can do with this small adjustment to your playroom.
With much love Kate

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