FROM BECKY: I wrote this poem about a beautiful six year old girl that I worked with recently at the intensive program here at The Son-Rise Program. This lovely young lady was hearing impaired and also Autistic. Without her Cochlear Implant (which she didn’t wear with us all week) she couldn’t hear. Amazingly, one of our goals as a team for her was clear single words. In my session with her I heard her say a beautiful sentence so clearly “Blow more bubbles”

The Dancing Queen

Our eyes met
Between walls of a sacred place
I honored her space as she ricocheted around and around with grace

Arms moving wildly through the air
Like a kite by the sea, I smiled with delight as I set myself free
Lucky to be

She watched her own reflection
As she kissed and waved Hello, there was nowhere else to go, there was nowhere else to be
Just her and me

Dancing to the beat of life
Our own rhythm pulsating through my core, twirling circles on the floor
I couldn’t ask for more

I found my own time
Learning from a guru, the queen of dance, I took a chance
I felt my love enhance

The odds were against her
But from her mouth fell, three words which like music rang clear as a bell
My heart she would tell

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. pearl fearon

    Hi this Tashelles grandma, its really nice to hear that someone else can see in Tashelle what we as a family see.Shes a very loving little girl with a beautiful smile. Thankyou.x

  2. maria ines novas

    I dont`t know how you say it in english
    but in spanish is "piel de gallina"
    that is how i felt when I read the story and your poem, nice Becky!!Thank you!!
    I couldn't help imagining my German saying "blow more bubbles"

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