Do Son-Rise on Yourself!

FROM BECKY: When we work in our Son-Rise Program playrooms with our children we love them unconditionally, we accept them for who they are and believe they are doing the very best they can, we are non-judgemental of them and we find them fun and exciting to be with.

But what about ourselves? When we are in our playrooms, are we loving ourselves unconditionally? Are we accepting ourselves for who we are, and believing we are doing the very best we can, are we being non-judgmental of ourselves and finding ourselves fun and exciting to be with? My guess is not always!

The Son-Rise Program is a two way street. If we are not viewing ourselves with love and acceptance as we work with our children, then we are not fully doing The Son-Rise Program.

Next time you go in the playroom, try applying these things to yourself. When you do, the love, confidence and creativity will be oozing out of your pores and your child will love it. Give it a try!

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