Embracing The Alternative

From Kate Wilde: What do you do when you do not get what you want?

Do you stamp your feet and blame other people and the world for not making you happy? Do you see only what you do not have ignoring any other possibilities?

My God Daughter being excited about the Easter Celebrations I was holding at my house announced to me that what she REALLY wanted (really being emphasized to show me her passion and the importance of her wanting) was a purple Easter basket. I told her that I had already bought her basket, to which she replied, “Oh Katie its OK if its not purple – I like all the colors!” and off she skipped happy as a lamb.

When we create unhappiness about not getting exactly what we want, we then can decide not to like the many other options that are available to us. So not only are we unhappy about not getting want we want we are also unhappy about everything else in our lives. Robbing ourselves of many other pleasures.

What are you molding to your children?

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