From Gaby:For years you loved a certain name and you decide when I get a boy you will give him that name. Then the child turns 11 years old and decides he doesn’t like the name and wants to go through life as a ……… Garfield. History repeats itself. When I was 11years old, I wanted to be called George after Georgina from the secret five from Enith Blyton. I hated my own name.
The problem with having used the name Tybalt for the past 11 years is that one forgets to say Garfield every now and again. “I’m called Garfield” invariably is heard. Sometimes we are just talking about him in a soft voice but his big ears pick it up and with a reproachful face we the grown- ups are put in our place.
It’s been 3 months now and I’m starting to think Garfield might stick as a name.I admire his continuing to hold on to his new name even though I do see people look at him in a pitying way when I call out “Garfield”in the stores. I can just imagine people think “poor child his mother giving him a cat name but what can you expect with a veterinarian as a mom”. But then again that is an assumption. Hum might be nice to dialogue about that one.
The funny thing is that after the first few weeks I started thinking okay now it’s been fun enough lets go back to Tybalt. It doesn’t either help that his sister keeps calling it ridiculous and to stop calling him Garfield. How ever if this is what he wants then it’s time to accept and love this new name so he can fully decide for himself without feeling the pressure of changing. After all that’s what son-rise is about.
Hurrah for Garfield the catboy. Now lets just hope it helps him get over his fear of cats 

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