Stress – Danger keep out of reach of children (and yourself)

FROM SIMONE – I was at an Autism Biomedical Conference this weekend and several speakers, commented on how influential the STRESS factor was in the treatment of autism.
A Doctor in Functional Medicine, for example, showed us the whole biochemistry of metabolism processes in the body going completely dysfunctional because of stress.

Even mainstream medicine recognizes how stress can actually start a condition or turn you ill. For a diabetic person, being stressed is the equivalent of eating a fair amount of sugar, for a child with autism the equivalent of eating all the things you keep out of their diet so meticulously.

Stress is in fact, like in a game of cards, the joker, whatever is a poison for you, stress will be your poison, the main factor to set your systems as dysfunctional as they could possibly get.

When I pondered all I had heard about stress I figured I was so fortunate to have chosen the Son-Rise Program and the Option Process for my autistic son and my family because we learn over and over with them that whatever happens in our lives is not the cause of my stress, I choose through my beliefs about what happens if I will be stressed or not so I am in control of my stress and therefore in control of my health!

With the Option Process we can choose to be like a rainbow that surrounded by dark grey skies shines bright and colourful clearly outlining for everyone the way to a pot of gold, a pot of happiness!

With much love,

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  1. Jan says:

    Stress has a major influence on our health. The way you go about living your live taking care of your son and your self might not be easy but it's a good way. This will inspire others.

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