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Good Morning!

This week at The Autism Treatment Center of America we welcomed 4 new Son-Rise Program students. They have begun an in-depth full time training to become staff members. The first week they attended the Son-Rise Program Start up, the second week is an in depth study of the Option Dialogue process. They will spend the whole week exploring their own thoughts and feeling. Beginning the process of uncovering any discomforts and judgments they might have about themselves or others.This is where the real work is, not the techniques of the Son-Rise Program but the way the facilitator thinks and feels as they are playing with a child on the autism spectrum.

This is what makes a Son-Rise Program Staff member so special, and be able to show genuine and spectacular love, enthusiasm and strong belief in the ability of each and every child they play with. This takes a dedicated intention on the part of the student to let go of any fear they might feel and choose instead to believe in the healing power of love and acceptance.

To our new students I salute your daring to walk this path. To all you son-Rise parents I salute your courage in choosing to trust and join your child.

With much love to all of you

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