Being Present!

FROM BECKY: I just returned from the most wonderful three week trip away from The Autism Treatment Center of America. During that time I travelled to my home land of England and visited my parents in Portugal, ending with an amazing last week away on vacation with my husband.

While in England I caught up with old friends, met new babies, spent time with my Brother and his new wife. I also worked on outreaches with families doing The Son-Rise Program. Then in Portugal I took long walks beside the ocean, sang and played guitar with my Dad’s band, ate fresh fish on the beach, spent lazy days in the sun, swam in the pool, had long and meaningful conversations with my parents (who I hadn’t seen for 2 years), spent time listening to and supporting them while my Mom faces health challenges, cherished moments with my husband over cups of coffee to a beautiful scenic backdrop. I loved every moment of it!

And now I am back at The Autism Treatment Center of America. Working alongside the most amazing team of dedicated and loving individuals, Helping a wonderful Son-Rise Mom to change herself profoundly in order to inspire her Autistic son. Being part of the Maximum Impact program here on campus this week and doing consultations with parents and guiding them in their programs, working with a beautiful eight year old boy in our Son-Rise Intensive Program, and the list goes on.

Something that really helps me to embrace life and to have a good day every single day is to be present with each moment that life brings! To enjoy each task and activity I do one by one, with each parent I love and guide, with each staff member I interact with, with each email I type.

When I was away with friends, family, my husband, relaxing, resting, traveling, etc I was incredibly present with what was going on, loving the moment and not even thinking about what I was going to do next week or the bills I had to pay, the moving house that was coming up. There was nothing that the future or past could offer me that the present moment couldn’t.

Now I am back at work, there is nowhere else I would rather be. Helping families and children, learning and growing as a teacher and student, there is still nothing that the future or past could offer me that the present moment can’t.

All we have is now!

Lots of love,


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