FROM KIM: Celebrate with Actions

Let me share the ways we can CELEBRATE using ACTIONS in The Son-Rise Program PLAYROOM!!!!

HAVE FUN trying these out!

Jump around the playroom
Cheer silently using your whole body to express your love and excitement
Spin around the playroom
Run around playroom
Sing a song about the child you’re with
Dance and wiggle your body
Open your eyes wide with excitement and animation
Drawing a picture for your child
Do a cartwheel across the room
Offer your child a kiss
Offer your child a hug or big body squeeze
Throw your arms up in the air
Grab a puppet and have them cheer for your child
Throw the object you have in your hands up in the air to express your excitement
Jump on a trampoline and try to touch the ceiling
Bounce on a therapy ball
Roll across the room on a therapy ball
Do a disco dance or other fun dance for your child
Grab something to drum on and drum using your hands- you can even drum with your feet!
Wave a blanket up and down as you cheer for them
Do a hand stand as you cheer!!

Let your love shine through each ACTION & have so much fun being with the children you LOVE!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will try them tomorrow. Will let you know the response I get.

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