The Importance of Being Present

FROM SIMONE – I am not just trying to sound like Oscar Wilde, this blog title is absolutely true.

As I have recently found out being present is not just a shortcut to happiness but it can be crucial to your survival.

Apart from the obvious fact that if you are not present while doing tasks such as driving, operating machinery or even using a kitchen knife, it will be dangerous, it can also be dangerous not being present in many other ways.

I have in a previous blog discussed the dangers of stress, how it can lead to all sort of diseases and conditions and an excellent place you can be to avoid stress is in the present.

The present has no guilt, that is normally an attribute of the past, the present has no worries, that is normally an attribute of the future. Apart from that, the present is the only workable place to be. You can not go back to the past and change it and to change your future you will have to work on it while it hasn’t happened yet, in the Present!

After a wonderful day volunteering at Raun’s Lectures in the UK this Saturday, my Mother called me and told me my Dad was in a coma in hospital since Friday. My first reaction was to panic and immediately worry about the future. I could have there and then chosen an attitude of hope that he would recover, but instead I chose to be sick, feel cold, shaky, cry and worry about the future. That is the attitude my whole family chose to have, but not my Mum and my Brother. My Mum chose first of all to be present and arrange for immediate help for my Dad, then she arranged to tell us, waiting for my work at Raun’s Lecture to be over, she then followed my Dad every step of the way and now he is on the path to recovery, still in intensive care but recovering.

When I saw my Mum’s attitude I composed myself and realised I was despairing because I was telling myself if I didn’t, I did not care about my Dad. So I chose then that the best way to care about my Dad was to gather as many prayers as I could from all my friends all over the world and send him a big chain of positive healing thoughts which I am sure are helping him tremendously in his recovery, I became present and pro-active for him and I set up times in the day to spend talking to my Mum supporting her in what she is going through. I could not have done any of these actions if I had chosen to be where I first chose to be when I heard he was ill, somewhere in a made up future when he wasn’t with us. By choosing to be present he is alive and where there is life there is hope and hope is an energy that transforms and creates miracles.

Thank you so much for all of you who are praying for him.

With love,


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  1. Raffy'sMum says:

    Lovely Simone. And a wonderful wise reminder. Love and prayers to you and all your family esp your dad xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Ruth for the prayers and the compliments xx

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