No 3e’s!

FROM WILLIAM: So you have been to the Son-Rise Program Start-Up (and maybe other training programs) and have a solid foundation of what to do in the playroom with your child. Even with all that knowledge you may find at times that you don’t have the 3e’s or join when your child is isming or celebrate interaction, etc. It is at these times that you want to acknowledge to yourself that you are “busy doing something else”. Maybe you are not present because you are thinking about what to cook for dinner; or maybe you are uncomfortable judging yourself for not being as creative as you want to be; etc.

First and foremost acknowledge and be easy with the fact you are busy doing something else. Next step is to ask yourself why you are busy doing something else rather than fully facilitating with your child. Understanding why will help you in the process of deciding to be more present. Another way to help yourself be more present and effective is to fill yourself with gratitude for something your child is doing right now. You could also bring your full attention to your child by being super curious about what they are doing by fully doing it yourself. Essentially the idea is to set your mind to focus on your child and being present with them versus doing something else. For some of us, being present is like working a muscle, the more we do it the stronger we become at it.

Enjoy working that muscle – it will help you have more 3e’s, join when it’s time to join, celebrate all the wonderful interaction, etc.

Love and smiles


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  1. Wonderful reminder William, I love the being grateful tip always work for me.
    Lots of love,

  2. Yes this is a stellar reminder, very very helpful. Thank you x

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