Outreach Moments

From: Kim

Recently I was on a Son Rise Program Outreach working with an amazing boy! I walked into his playroom with the intention of absolutely loving and discovering who this new friend was and what he loved to do! On the first day of this outreach he shared with me so many wonderful and different ways in which he communicated with the world- through his looks, his cheeky smiles, and his amazing use of different sounds for communicating through language! Wow, I was so excited to be the person there with him joyfully taking these moment in! I felt pure delight in celebrating him for the many ways in which he continually exercised himself, and shared with me the world around him!

On the first day of the outreach I celebrated his sounds with every three E in my body- varying my energy and discovering what he responded to best. I built on his use of language and created games from the sounds he was making! We had so much fun learning about each other… and as we built this rapport of play back and forth, I learned more and more about what motivated him! I began to understand his use of language, and he began to use more sounds to express himself.

By the second day of the outreach it became clearer and clearer to me exactly what he was saying! Ahhh!!! This was an amazing moment for me! As if someone flipped a switch and the “clear language light” was turned on! As I responded to each new word that I heard, he too celebrated me! He looked at me, leaned over and kissed me very gently.

Our time together that second day continued this way, I responded to what he would say and he would celebrate and show me his appreciation and love through kisses. I believe that what helped us create such a rapport in communicating that weekend was my WANT to understand him. In my mind I knew I would do WHATEVER it took to find out more about him and to understand what he was saying- and because of this DESIRE going in to play with him, I was able to take each of his new sounds as opportunities… ones to try out something new and stretch myself creatively.

I was so present in the playroom, and my ATTITUDE and WANT to UNDERSTAND helped bring this to life!!

Cant wait to hear about what you learned in your next playroom session!!!

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