All you need is Love

FROM SIMONE – Have you noticed some days you cook a meal following the recipe exactly the same way as any other time, use the same ingredients, but it tastes much better? Some people joke when this happens that it’s because they have used LOVE as an ingredient or in other words it was made with love.

Far from a joke, your love, excitement and enthusiasm when performing any action helps determine the success of the final product you are working on.

Most people however fall in the belief pattern that you need to be dissatisfied enough with what you have at the moment in order to effect any change, there must be a negative for a positive to happen.

Where their autistic children are concerned they then fall into the pattern of judging autism and any so called autistic behaviour as something undesirable that they must hate in order to change.

When I talk about going in my son’s playroom with the most possible energy, excitement and enthusiasm or joining his repetitive behaviours with excitement a lot of people judge it to be wrong because following their mindset of “I must hate something to change it” they are just respecting their logic when telling me what I am doing is utterly wrong.

My argument then always is that if you come from a place of hate you have no energy and having no energy you can not effect change. Any change or creation can only be effected with energy and nothing has more energy than love, hate can not beat love. Love can change, mend, heal, create, perform miracles. I just had this experience first hand when my Dad was condemned by the Doctors, in a coma, but now is nearly recovered after I asked for all my friends to pray for him all over the world.

Back to our cooking, in analogy, hating your child’s autism in order to change it would be the same as buying the worst eggs, the cheapest flour and sugar in order to make the best cake possible. Love and Acceptance is the road to change.

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