Being Present – last but not least!

FROM BECKY: Here are some more tools you can use to practice the art of being present in your Son-Rise Program playroom.

1) Love, don’t judge! If you feel yourself drifting off from the present moment as you work with your child, the first step back to presentness is to be easy on yourself. Be aware that you “checked out”, allow yourself to say “It’s OK” that I did that and gently bring your focus back. Doing Son-Rise is about loving ourselves unconditionally as well as our children.

2) Be grateful! If I can find, just one element that I love about the situation then I can build on that and sink even deeper into the present. If I am joining a child who is looking through books, I might notice the details in the pictures of the book or try reading it backwards for fun. The more you things you find to be grateful, the more you will enjoy!

3) Beat your own record! Practice being present in everyday activities where you are totally in the moment (e.g. unstacking the dishwasher, listening to a song on the radio, etc). Time yourself as you practice this. When you find your thoughts or attention drifting to something else, look at your watch and see how long it took, next time you try it you can aim to beat your own score.

Lots of love,


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