FROM BEARS: Thank you…

THANK YOU… to everyone who comes to our programs, who writes to me after you read one of my books & who posts the most delicious, thoughtful & loving notations on my Facebook wall. THANK YOU for all the kindness & tender thoughts/for being part of my extended family. WE HAVE ALL CHANGED BECAUSE WE BELIEVED WE COULD. Love, Bears

HappyRon H. – Thanks for everything bro!

Stephanie C.S.- and thank YOU and your amazing family for your love,generosity,honesty and ability to truly be present.

Diana Paige S. Thank YOU for everything you share with us!

Bernadette G. And Thank God for you, your family and your ability to share you belief with us. God’s blessings on you all x

Colleen F.E. I CAN’T WAIT to attend my next program…Empower Yourself in May!!! I’m there some days and “wobble” more other days. I can’t wait to be rock solid!!!!

Avak A. B. HIP HIP HOORAY to everybody!! :))

Vanessa H.H. We are so excited to come to the Intensive. Just three more days.

Brian M. Thank you Bears–It has been an incredible year since my February Start-Up, Mary Ellen’s June Start-Up, my Calm Amid Chaos, Mary Ellen’s Now Frontiers and listening to your cd’s until some of them wore out. Best of all is Noah’s progress with the best yet to come as we’ll all be coming for the Intensive in July. You guys are going to have so much fun with Noah and Noah with you.

Alison S.T. – THANK YOU BEARS for creating THE OPTION INSTITUTE so that I could come. Coming on programs has been like bringing my little ship into the harbour during a storm so that I could learn to love riding the waves. I love how there are no limits …on anything – no limits on happiness, or love, or persistence to go after our wants, or the number of people that we can have in our extended family – I’m looking forward to coming home again next year to see you and all the other wonderful people who come there/work there, and learn some more. Love and hugs

Yvette R. – At Neighbourhood Unitariian Universalist Congregation in Toronto the topic of discussion this Sunday Nov. 28 will be – “Happiness Is a Choice” and I will be sharing how finding you and your books in the early 1980’s has changed my life. Spreading the word and sharing the magic that is Option !!

Natalie A. – Thanks Bears – you and your amazing family have done so much for my family where others gave up and said my son wouldn’t succeed with The Son-Rise Program he is showing us all the Amazing things he can and that never to give up xxx thanks so much xxx

Christine A. I went with my husband to the conference in Salford UK

Elizabeth G.Y. You know funny you mention that. Your book “Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues” was one of the only books my library had when my son was Dx and from that day, it has been over 4 years, I have never stopped believing he could get better. They actually had a few of your books and I was so impressed with your writing that I read them all including the one on death about a month before my father died. While reading it somehow me and my father got into the conversation about him dying and I started to cry. It was if God put the book in my hands and my father knew he was going to die. All of your writing brought me such great comfort. You are truly blessed as a writer and a lovely human. I loved reading your books. Whenever the question comes up as to who I would want to meet if I could meet anyone it is always your family. God Bless

Nancy R. Dear Bears and Option Family, Thank you for your wonderful classes. I know that I have personally changed as result of your teachings. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t shift my thinking/change a belief.There is a new and different person created in me each day.

Alexandra O. – THANK YOU Bears, and Samahria, and Bryn and William and Raun and Kate and Beverly and Clyde and Brian and Jan-Marie and Zoe and all of your amazing team!!!! Love to you all!!!

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