From Kate Wilde:

I got up this morning reflecting upon how I wanted to spend my day – not from the perspective of what I was going to do, but from how I was going to feel. I wanted to have a day filled with the fullness that I get from deeply loving the people I encounter. As I was thinking about this I became aware that I wanted to be deeply loving not for the sake of the people I meet today – but because it gives me so much – it feels so good to move through the world this way.

When I am loving I am more creative – I have more energy – I feel warm and excited – I become more affectionate, and see so many things in my life that are working. I feel more embraced by the people in my life, …… even tastes better!!!!

By having this intention I am really loving myself – and giving myself the best experience of my day possible.
Here’s to a day filled with love :  )!!!!!!

What’s your day going to be filled with?

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