From: Kim
A belief to share!!!

Hello everyone I am moved to share with you something I continually come back to… the belief that everything we have to offer is more than just enough… its absolutely perfect!

When we go about our days… waking up in the morning… driving to work… walking the dog… working… cooking… cleaning… spending time with our children… spending time with our significant others… eating… spending time in the Son Rise Program Playroom… etc…

WE have the amazing OPPORTUNITY to take on a belief that who we are and where we are are absolutely perfect for that moment! Sinking into this belief opens the door to a world of staying present and in the moment – we are not judging ourselves or thinking about another place, or another time… we are present… and therein opening our eyes, heart, and minds to new and wonderful experiences in the things we may have once called “a daily routine”!

I share this belief because it has only enriched my experience in my everyday life and my many incredible moments spent in the Son Rise Program Playroom!

Have fun discovering something amazing you may have once passed by!!!
Big smiles,

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