Getting them to eat

From Gaby:This morning I was looking through some recipes in a magazine to see if there might be some interesting GFCF diets I could use for Christmas. Okay I know it is a bit early but seeing how they very often aren’t that easy to find and I had a bit of free time on my hands and a cup of cappuccino besides me, it was a great “moment to take care of myself” time . A real energy boost for me and we all know how important that is.
All of a sudden I was reminded of a moment a month ago. Garfield has started asking me every day what we are going to eat for dinner. Something his sister used to do. On such an occasion he asked it again. I told him we were eating rice. “I hate rice” he said. Even though I had suspected this, he never had said it to me. It came out really funny too as he said it with lots of feeling.” I know” I said “but sometimes we have to eat what other people like to eat so just do your best okay?” He looked at me with a look as if he didn’t really agree with me but at dinner time he ate his whole plate up without problems. I was so proud of him. Over the years I had tried introducing rice to him as it’s a good GFCF product but he always spit it out. It was only since a small year that I got him to eat small amounts but I never gave up. I always hear Samaria say “persistence persistence persistence” at such moments. Not too often and never with pressure I would offer him a plate. I would eat my own plate saying how much I enjoyed it. It shows never give up and even though it will probably never be his favorite food he became so flexible as to eat it!Hurrah for Garfield!and Samaria.

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