From Kate Wilde

I often ponder the question:

“How do we inspire another person to do something they were not really intending to do?”

Because that is what we are trying to do when we work with our autistic children using The Son-Rise Program. Our childrens’ challenge is being able to deeply connect and interact with the people in their lives. Often they are so busy taking care of their bodies and sensory systems doing their many and varied isms that it may not even occur to them to look at or talk to the people in their lives.

This is where the Son-Rise Program attitude comes into play – part of inspiring them to want to interact with us is:

1.Making ourselves so compelling and interesting that it is fairly impossible not to notice us.
2.To join in with their activity with such delight and passion and non- attachment that they are amazed at the idea that another person likes what they like as much as they do.
3.To join in with their activity with such passion and delight that our children think to themselves that they are just like us, that they have something in common with us- a friend that they might like to hang out with.
4.That we celebrate each time they interact with us with such intensity and sincerity that they want to do it one more time just to feel the warmth of our love.

We feel more, we love more, we make ourselves irresistible.

with love to you

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much. It is a most inspirational post when one faces resistence to the Son-Rise attitude from the parents themselves. We, volunteers, would appreciate more thoughts on this issue.

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