Living the Dream… or the Nightmare, it’s Up to You

FROM SIMONE – I have a recurrent nightmare. Every now and again I dream I am in my chambermaid years in Amsterdam and I have 100 rooms to clean in a couple of hours but the clock is running really fast. Even though I am working really fast and I am doing so much when I stop and check what is done, not even one room is finished. I used to be a chambermaid in Amsterdam, fifteen years ago.

I think dreams are a great subject for discussion because it is really tempting to say, well, I don’t choose my dreams, they just happen. I will just go with this logic for a bit and actually it doesn’t take me long to realize I don’t actually keep dreaming of the day my son was born or my first date with my Husband or when I was on the Holiday I most enjoyed in my life. I don’t dream about any of these things that I consider to be the best moments of my life.

The question I put myself was why do I keep dreaming about an experience that happened 15 years ago and I didn’t judge it to be pleasant? The answer is in my last comment, I applied a meaning to the experience, it wasn’t pleasant, thinking about it, the meaning I applied to it was that it was terrifying, for three years every single week day I scared myself of not finishing a job I was given. And there it was, staring at me my belief: I am scared of not finishing a task I am given. I didn’t even know I was scared of this then all over my daily life, in my Son-Rise Program, in my relationship with my Husband, my volunteers, I found traces of the nightmare I created for myself “when someone doesn’t finish a task he or she was given this person deserved the Capital punishment”. It sounds bizarre and extreme, but that is how our self-made nightmares are like, they have no meaning when you detach them from the array of meaning you have given them and they sometimes sound funny and absurd.

If there’s a constant thought in your head no matter if you are awake or asleep just go explore it, dive into it and discover the amazing power of our beliefs, how they grow and take shape and are shaped into dreams, or nightmares, it’s totally up to us! Using the Option Process Dialogue as a tool is so invaluable to your Son-Rise Program as a feeling that comes from another part of your life can leak into your Program and affect the way you see your volunteers, yourself and your child. Unveiling beliefs is really useful to “clean” your head of personal grudges which most of the time has nothing to do with the person you have the grudge with but with your own beliefs.

Have fun exploring your beliefs today!

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