Social Curriculum

FROM WILLIAM: Yesterday I taught a class in the Son-Rise Program advanced training course (New Frontiers) on using the Developmental Model and creating goals for their children. It was a wonderful class and everyone enjoy plotting where their child is in their social growth on all four of the fundamentals – Eye Contact and Non-Verbal Communication; Verbal Communication; Interactive Attention Span and Flexiblity.

One of the big delights for the parents was seeing that their child was further along in their social development, compared with when they attended the Start-Up program. Their children were now more interactive and social. They were growing in the way that their mothers and fathers wanted.

From my point of view it was also a big celebration for these parents because they have changed themselves in order to help their children. This week they are continuing to grow themselves to be a bigger and brighter version of who they are today, in order to help their children.

As your child develops don’t forget to celebrate yourself for helping to make it happen. Use the Development Model to clearly see your child’s growth.

With love and smiles


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