Actions Speak Louder Than Words

FROM GERD: This blog is dedicated to all of you out there, who have considered taking a program at The Option Institute, but for many different reasons and supported by many limiting or even undermining beliefs, have not done so.

Some of the reasons/beliefs may be: “I can’t get away from my kids and family”, “I am afraid to be in class with a lot of strangers”, “I am beyond help at this point in my life”, or “I just don’t have the money right now.”

As most of you who follow our The Option Institute family are aware of, we consistently are looking for evidence to support these beliefs and disregard a more quite, but no less powerful part inside of ourselves who knows: “I really want to change some things in my life”, “I want to take control of my life rather than being a victim”, “I really want to overcome my depression”, “I want more meaningful and deeper relationships with friends or with one significant other”, “I know I can do a better job as a mother or a father, a sister or a brother, a son or a daughter.”

These are some of the beliefs I am hearing when consulting with individuals and families from all over the world; who are on the cusp of picking up the phone and register for a program and then don’t do it, or who just can’t quite book that flight to the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut or a bus ride to a convention centre in London. Or some of you who actually put a deposit down and then find once again evidence to support the beliefs that you deep down know will jeopardize what you know is best for you and either cancel or postpone getting the help and support you know you want.

My questions to all of you to whom these words “ring a bell” or something “resonates” inside are these: When will you take action? When will you fulfill a promise you have made to yourself to actually do it? We all know that unless we give our “wants” arms and legs, it’s only words, and nothing…nothing will happen on its own.

As a way of saying, I love you, I want to help you and I want to support you, I simply like to offer an email I got from a wonderful courageous woman and a Son-Rise Program® Mom, who just attended the Fearless program at The Option Institute. Her words speak for themselves and are very inspiring, powerful, sincere and honest.

And after reading her email, you decide…will you wait a month, put it off for a couple of days, or act right now… to pick up that phone, to book that flight, to “make it happen” because as we all know in our wonderful Option family: YOU are your own best expert on your beliefs; YOU are the only one responsible for your actions.

“Hello Gerd, I hope you are well. I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful that you encouraged me to go to Fearless. I appreciate everything you did to help me get there. When I talked to you, months ago, it sounded like a good idea. But then as I thought about it, I convinced myself that it just wasn’t a good time.

Then after Jeff talked to you, he decided to make it really easy for me to go. He booked everything. Even then, I wasn’t sure I should go. I knew we couldn’t afford it, and Ben was just starting school.

In the end, I went. I am SO glad I did. So many things I was struggling with, things I didn’t understand melted away and I finally understood. It used to bother me to read Happiness Is A Choice it felt insensitive, like someone saying “quit whining” or something. Like someone didn’t want to hear how I felt and that I should just pretend to be happy so no one would be bothered with me.

But I get it now. It really is a choice. I was looking at things in a way that didn’t serve me well; it only served my misery and unhappiness. I love myself for the first time. I can be loving to everyone else too. Whatever they do, or say or think is their thing, how they are taking care of themselves. It has nothing to do to me. I no longer measure my worth through the actions and words of other people. I am no longer a victim. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My connection with Ben is better than ever. We have so much fun playing. I have so much more energy. I have released so much guilt and agony. Ben is learning a new way to think now too.

Fearless was such a gift. I have signed up for 3 more classes and know I will take many more. I no longer have nagging horrible thoughts. If they come up, I am present with myself and do a quick inner dialogue. I am taking better care of myself, and loving myself. I am happy. I am free. Thank you again. I can’t thank you enough. It is such a blessing.

Much love, Teresa

P.S. While I was there, my roommate Minta and I became very good friends. We stayed up late every night talking and laughing. When I got back I found I also have friends I didn’t realize I had. Again, such a blessing. My heart is full.”

2 Responses

  1. Gerd thank you for taking the time to write this inspiring blog on
    action. It does all come down to when is it time? Now or later? Now :O)
    What a beautiful letter! Option has changed my life in profound ways and
    I my wish would be for anyone who wants to take action to feel better,
    be happy, feel peaceful…GO TO OPTION!!! You can change your life ~
    Forever grateful, Danielle

  2. Hi Gerd … your blog hits home for me big time! Tyler's waiver from the state grants money for any training I want to take that will benefit Tyler. I have used this money every year now for the Son-Rise programs. One was with an outreach with you December 2008. The next was Son-Rise Wide Awake and the next Calm Amid Chaos. I have learned so much from going to those programs and the outreach that I wish I would have found a way and quit putting other reasons and being a victim as a reason not to go. I am extremely financially hurting more so now than ever and yet putting my wants into action are stronger than ever. Being a "victim" is like being behind bars. When you decide you're not a victim anymore, you see the possibilities for what you really want ~ its a feeling of freedom and joy and inner strength…. a much better place to be. I want so much to learn more and I have fundraisers in progress right now to make all my wants happen. I will see you one day again soon, my friend. thanks for supporting us and loving us <3

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