All You Need Is Love : A Chapter from the Son-Rise Program

From: Brandi Davis

My goal for tomorrow is to prioritize loving and accepting myself. After all, isn’t that what we inspire our children to do every single day? In the playroom, I want our beautiful children to experience love from their heads to their toes. I want them to be proud of exactly who they are, right now and at all times. I cheer them on with heart and soul when they try to make an “ee” sound over and over again. I admire them when they are challenged by making eye contact, but they do it anyway. I am humbled when they laugh with pure delight, as they sit in the corner loving their exclusivity. I believe that every single child and adult that I have worked with is perfect. WOW! NOW THAT IS LOVE!! Can you imagine if you lived and breathed that same existence for yourself? What would happen if you chose to find beauty in your own challenges? What would it sound like if you cheered yourself on when you felt challenged by those events in your life? What would it feel like if you inspired yourself every single day? Don’t forget to love and accept yourself inside and outside of the playroom. It is the greatest tool that we can model!!

2 Responses

  1. Beautiful Brandi! Love IS Grand!

    xoxoxo Jamie

  2. Thanks Jamie! I agree! LOVE IS VERY GRAND!!! Enjoy the holidays!!! xoxoxo

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