First a Social Prince or Princess!

FROM WILLIAM: In our Son-Rise Program Start-Up training course we have parents who’s autistic children / teenagers / adults are High Functioning or have Aspergers Syndrome. During the course we have session where we discuss all the dynamics and issues around helping such children become more socially successful.

One particular topic that is often talked about is teaching “please” and “thank you”, saying “hello” to aunt Mary when she visits, etc. – essentially the social niceties of social interaction. Yes these are important when interacting yet not as important as helping children with High Functioning Autism or Aspergers learn to be more flexible, spontaneous and to more fully enjoy socially interacting with all the individuals they encounter throughout their day.

So when working with your child prioritize helping them to be social, to enjoy interacting with others, to be flexible and spontaneous, etc. This may mean as your child develops their social ability they also become a Prince or Princess! Once you are at this point then you can socially polish them by guiding them to say please and thank you, to open doors for other people, etc.

Stay focus on what is most important – helping your child love interacting with others – mom and dad, siblings, peers, teachers, etc.

With Love and smiles


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