Game-Storming EQUATION!!!

In The Son-Rise Program Intensive here at The Autism Treatment Center of America we help parents create game ideas specifically geared toward promoting growth and development for their individual child!

These games are often created from our secret (only joking) Son-Rise Program GAME-STORMING EQUATION!!! Today I reveal that secret equation!!!

Pair together:
a) something your child is motivated for


b) an area of growth you would like to help your child develop
(e.g. a goal chosen from The Son Rise Program Developmental Model)

then presto chango… you have yourself a game!!!!

For Example:

a) Your child is motivated for ride games – piggy back rides, swing rides, spin rides, etc.
b) You would like to help them grow their ability to use clear single words


  • Write down each letter of a word such as “spin” on separate piece of paper. Attach each letter to a different corner of the room. When you get a green light (such as your child looking at you) give them a few spins while modeling the word, and then pause. As soon as your child makes a sound or an approximation of the word “spin”, give them half a spin. Continue the game by encouraging your child to say the whole word while giving them half spins or full spins depending on how much of the word (“spin”) they say.

Have fun with your children and this fun Game-Storming Equation!!!

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