Put a Son-Rise Playroom Around Yourself

FROM : Brandi Davis

Before I began my training to become a Son-Rise Child Facilitator, I would often make myself small and hide from the world around me. I learned to find great comfort in my own predictability. People, to me, seemed to change like the wind and I made myself feel uncomfortable with this belief. I hid from others, so that I could feel safe and as a result I gave great power to the pains and fears of my yesterdays. I soon discovered that I was only hiding from myself and that the very way I viewed my past, was the same way in which I viewed my future and present moment. Now, as I have begun to re-construct my past and view it differently, my future and present moment also looks and feels very different. Full of joy, inspiration, comfort and a constant flow of love. I practice embracing these gifts every single day.

Son-Rise has inspired me to step from behind my walls with arms open wide and a bigger love to share. Don’t forget that we too are on the same journey as our courageous Son-Rise children. The view may be different, but the road is the same. To connect with ourselves and the world around us in a more deep and meaningful way.


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