Walk Beside Us … A Walk to Remember

FROM JAMIE: The first day of our walk for Tyler and I was February 27, 1994, the day she was born.

She was a beautiful girl though her head was larger than normal. An MRI taken at Chidrens Memorial in Chicago, IL showed an arachnoid cyst at the base of her brain. The neurosurgeon said no need to be alarmed right now, we will continue to watch for changes. At age 14 months, Tyler stopped babbling, lost eye contact, and was in her own world. On November 14, 1995 Tyler was diagnosed “Severe Organic Brain Dysfunction” and was given no hope. I always believed there was hope and searched for the best way to help Tyler ~ to help Tyler be a part of our world. I found the Son-Rise program and never looked back. At times I felt like the real characters in Wizard of Oz ~ as we walked our path, people would throw apples at us and try to stop us from where we wanted to go. We werent going down the same path that the majority were taking. We took the path we wanted for us! The path that was leading to limitless possibilities and hope. I felt alone many times even though I knew I was never alone …. Tyler and God were right there beside me all the way. You see, this journey is for me. Tyler’s not asking me to save her. I want her to be a part of our world. The journey has taught me so many things and I am certain we took the right path. In a world of wanting so much for a special needs child, you dont find fields of roses and extra help and support every where you turn. In fact, the people closest to you are sometimes the ones throwing the most apples. I use to take steps backward when apples were thrown, but I have found that my dream will never be the dream I want for Tyler unless I stand strong and keep moving forward. As Tyler and I have continued on our walk in this most loving journey, we have found friends that have helped keep us strong and keep us moving forward. They are walking the walk beside us! What a difference that makes to be around people that are uplifting and cheer you on and believe in Tyler and myself. Now I only allow people to walk beside us ~ never again will anyone walk in front of us to stop us from where we want to go. For those of you already walking beside us and holding our hand, my deepest gratitude to you all! To be a Force of Nature is an amazing experience! So, my friends, you are always invited to Walk Beside Us for A Walk to Remember <3 Never Ever Give Up .... Run your Race to the END! Lots of Love to you all, Jamie

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  1. Jamie,

    This is just beautiful and so inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing

    Love Becky xxx

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