Anticipating What We Don’t Want

From Kate Wilde:

Anticipating what we don’t want. 

A couple of days ago I  had a phone consultation with a Father. We talked about his Son-Rise Program for his daughter who is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. She is 8 years old and loves to button push. She will look at him and throw her drink on the floor, tear books, take of her clothes and draw on the wall , mainly it seemed to see how her father was going to react.

As we talked in depth about how he felt when his daughter did these actions he realized that it was not his reaction after his daughter had drawn on the wall or thrown the food, it was his anticipation and his fear that she was going to button push in this way.

This morning he sent me an email letting me know that by realizing that he was having a reaction even before his daughter button pushed, he was able to start to noticed each time he anticipated, by noticing this he then was able to change it, relax into the moment and not believe or fear that she was going to button push

This he said changed everything. She has stopped ALL her button pushing for the last two days.

Are you anticipating what you don’t want verses being present with what is in this moment?

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