FROM BECKY: We DON’T KNOW what our Son-Rise Program children are THINKING or FEELING until they tell us! We only know what they are DOING. We can make assessments from their actions to help them in the best way but we can NEVER really know what they FEEL and THINK unless they say.

When we assume that our child is “Frustrated”, “Anxious”, “Nervous”, “Bored”, etc, we CLOSE doors. When we look at their actions and do not decide for ourselves how they feel, we OPEN doorways of OPPORTUNITY!

Instead of assuming how your child feels, look at what they are doing instead. Perhaps what looks “bored” to you, could be them isming, maybe when they look “Frustrated” to you they are simply trying to communicate something.

When we simply take into account their actions and not assume the way they feel, we move TOWARDS our children and not AWAY from them. We are more RELAXED instead of more NERVOUS, we are more CONFIDENT instead of more TENTATIVE and we are more CLEAR instead of CONFUSED about how to help them.

Lots of Love xxx

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