Build Yourself into Your Childs World

FROM BECKY: It is very common for children with autism to be interested in things, objects, pictures, characters, actions and not in people. A very simple Son-Rise Program technique to inspire your child to become more motivated in YOU is to build YOURSELF into the activity.

Wait for a green light from your child (a cue that they are interested, such as a look, a verbalization or a physical touch) and then marry YOURSELF to the object/picture/character/action they are interested in.

For example, if they are looking at a picture of Cookie Monster in a book and come over to show you, instead of talking about the picture, put on your best Cookie Monster Impression and become that character. If your child likes trains and gives you a look as you are rolling them back and fourth, roll the train up your arm and onto your head, bringing attention to your eyes and face. If you are drawing a cherry tree and they look at your picture, pretend to gobble the cherries up in a fun, slapstick way. If they like talking about toilets over and over again and they pause, pretend to be a toilet flushing and get up and act it out.

When you bring YOURSELF into these moments, YOU will be more visually stimulating for your child to watch and engage with, YOU will help them to notice that PEOPLE make the world go around and not “things” and YOU will also be able to create more connection, eye contact and a longer attention span for your child.


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