FROM JEANNIE: For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to be a very gentle person, and I am very into being caring and peaceful. But did you know I am also TOUGH AND STRONG too?! Well, I only really sort of knew it myself… or maybe I should say realized it…

Recently someone told me they thought I am as tough as ROCKY BALBOA!!! I thought….Really??! Me?! But then they explained that with all I had experienced with Autism and working with my son towards recovery, that I had “taken a lot of hits, but kept getting up again”. Then I thought, hey, that’s true!

So then I really took in that statement all the way…..I AM tough and I AM strong!!! WOW! How cool!

But guess how I got that way? Yes, that’s right! By CHOOSING to BELIEVE in myself, BELIEVE in my child, and to BELIEVE in the possibility of his recovery…. and to GO FOR IT WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL AND EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING 🙂 Yes, like Rocky, I decided, and devoted myself to this special way of being and loving in the world with all the PASSION AND PERSISTENCE I could muster. I dug DEEP and transformed myself from the inside out.

WHY? Because I wanted my child to recovery more than anything…. and I wanted to be happy and at peace. To this day, it is absolutely the best thing I have ever done!

And guess what??? One of the gifts has been that I am now as tough and strong as Rocky!!! Good for me, hooray for autism, and most of all, HOORAY FOR THE SON-RISE PROGRAM FOR TEACHING ME AND ALL OF US, INCLUDING YOU…. we ARE amazing!!!


Namaste Everyone 🙂

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  1. yourbeautifulchild

    Amazing. Thank you for bringing the fact that strong and tough does not need to be a physicality thing. This is so important for the world to know, you ARE amazing for bringing it to our attention…

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