From Kate Wilde:

Our first Son-Rise Program Intensive child for 2011 is such a cutie pie. He is just three years old, he has tufts of brown hair that stick up right at the top of his head making him even more adorable, and lovely sweet and gentle eyes.

He has not only a sweet soul but a brave soul, he has spent most of his three years in the company of his Mom, and Dad thus it is a challenge for him to spend time with brand new people this week. It has been just one day and he is already doing so well opening himself up to new people. Yesterday I was the second new person he had met in the playroom. When I entered the room he walked backwards a few steps, his eyes watered and his breath increased as he asked me to close the door. Then he started to count and draw numbers, number one, two and “Fwee” for “Three”. After counting and drawing numbers for a while, he relaxed and was able to look and connect with me.

Counting and drawing numbers is one of his isms – our children on the Autism Spectrum know just how to take care of themselves when they are faced with something they find challenging. Their isms are so useful and important for their development. Something to embrace and join instead of stop.A doorway in for us to connect with them, and for them to be able to connect with us.

Today see your child’s repetitious behaviors as a helpful friend and join in with your child’s activity without trying to get them to do something different.

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