It’s Never too Late to Set Your Intention!

FROM BECKY: Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America we often talk about the power of intention and how creating an intention for ourselves can really help us to go for what we want in a stronger and more focused way. For example, if I am going in the Son-Rise Program playroom, my intention might be “To have as much fun as possible” or “To be loving and accepting of myself at all times”).

With that mind set, I can jump in to focusing my thoughts, energy and presence into the session in a more clear and purposeful way. Without an intention, I feel scattered, unfocused and unclear. Setting an intention before you go into the playroom is an amazing tool and I very much encourage you to try it. For those of you who already do this on a regular basis, please know that you can start at any time.

For instance, say you woke up late, you forgot your doctors appointment, just had time to shove down some breakfast and you are running into the playroom, your head is somewhere else the beginning part of your playroom time with your child. You don’t feel present, you miss his/her cues and you are not sure what to do next when he/she comes to play with you. You realize…you forgot to set your intention! Well, it’s never too late, even if you have just 10 more minutes until your session is over, take a minute to settle your mind, take a deep breath and set your intention. Even 10 minutes of feeling more focused can make all the difference to you and your child!

The more you do this, the more you will want to set an intention during other parts of the day (e.g., waking up in the morning, you could set an intention to be playful today. As you talk to your Mother on the phone, you could set an intention to really listen, without interrupting, you could set an intention to be more loving with your spouse today….the list goes on).

I would love to know what your intention is today?

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