A New Years Wish!

FROM BECKY: As I have mentioned before, I currently volunteer in a Son-Rise Program with my awesome 7 year old autistic friend David who I have volunteered with for two and a half years. Recently, all David’s volunteers and his family, gathered together to have a team holiday party. Part of why we had gathered was to celebrate the wonderful year we had just had with David and each create a wish for the New Year.

I was already amazed that when I had given David his Christmas present, he had said “Thank you” to me (I have never heard him say it before), but after we went around and shared our wishes, we turned to David (who had just sat on his Dad’s lap) and asked, “Is there anything that you wish for David?”

David sat and looked at each and every one of us in turn with a huge smile upon his face, then slowly but surely he said “I…………..want……….a tickle!”, with that, we all leaped up and gave him lots of tickles. Well, what more could you ask for?

Lots of love xxx

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