Samahria’s favorite resolutions for 2011…and always!


  • Make believe I’m wonderful the way I am … rather than making believe I’m not enough or not okay … even if others don’t agree. (And keep making believe until there’s no space for doubt!)
  • Gift myself with a loving feeling before I’ve achieved what I want (instead of waiting till the end or till I think I’m successful).
  • Make every thought into a benefit for myself (e.g. “Ouch! I just cut my finger, and I can use this as an opportunity to be present while I’m cutting … and all the time.” OR “Oh, I didn’t get what I wanted here. There must be something even better for me in the wings.” OR “This person doesn’t want to be a friend of mine. Glad to know that, so I can find people to be around that appreciate me.”
  • Verbalize my thoughts and opinions with love, (and without fear of others’ judgments).
  • Do and give from a place of knowing that it’s what I want to do – for myself!
  • See the “funny” in everything (and grow my laughter power).
  • Be open to seeing all of me – because every part is good and there to help me.
  • I am always being supported by the Universe. I just have to trust it.

[Note: For me, “Resolutions” are MEANINGFUL INTENTIONS and EXCITING ACTIONS to take … not have-to’s, which are pressures to perform; and then if I don’t, I’ve failed.] This is a practice and dedication to feeling good about myself and to feeling loving of others, no matter what they do. This is how I want to live and breathe. I may go to other places in myself at times, but I’m allowed, and that doesn’t mean bad things about me.

My mantra will remain: “Nothing is more important than my happiness!”, which leads to loving. With BIG LOVE, Samahria

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