10 ways to make the toilet fun!

Here are 10 ways you can make going to the toilet fun,
yes actually fun!

One way that I have seen many children explore the toilet on their own accord successfully is to make it a fun and easy experience for both you and the child and use their motivations to inspire the child be near it, sit on it, and eventually use it!

  1. Decorate the toilet with fun pictures or stickers of your child’s favorite characters.
  2. Give different stuffed animals and figurines rides to “Potty Station” to deliver their pee and poop, when your child is motivated, offer him/her a ride too.
  3. Pick one of your child’s main motivations (i.e.: tickles, singing, bubbles, etc) and make the toilet into Tickle/Singing/Bubble toilet! each time your child goes near, or sits on the toilet, give him/her lots of the fun activity he/she loves. Being near, or sitting on the toilet activates the fun activity.
  4. Decorate the toilet like a throne and each time your child sits on it, tell him/her they are the king/queen and run to give them things (e.g. food, music, etc) as their servant.
  5. Hang a fun mobile above the toilet so that when they sit on it, it’s visually stimulating for them to watch. Experiment with blowing or moving the mobile for them once they sit on the toilet.
  6. Try putting a couple of Cheerio’s down the toilet and encourage your child to hit the Cheerio targets with their pee.
  7. Use a fun, colorful seat to put on the toilet and a handy step stool if your child is smaller.
  8. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Whenever your child looks at, touches, sits on the toilet and ultimately uses it, cheer them on for all their attempts, help them to feel successful in what they are doing.
  9. Give your child plenty of control, whenever he/she says “No” or resists what you’re offering, celebrate him/her for showing you and drop it for a while.
  10. Be persistent, keep trying in many fun and different ways, it may not happen over night, be easy with yourself and your child, believe it will happen when your child is ready!

Have fun!

2 Responses

  1. This is a very informative post about creating fun with your kids and to have some kind of bonding activity.

  2. marina says:

    Great !!! That would make ME want to hang out in the loo more often !!!
    I'm off now to decorate the vaccum cleaner and dishwasher for my other kids,
    Seriously, I read these nearly every day and am LOVING all the ideas,

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