Group Meetings!

FROM BECKY: Every week here at The Son-Rise Program Intensive we hold a group meeting for the parents or the children with Autism that we work with. During this time, all the Child Facilitators who have been working with the child in our Son-Rise Program playroom get together with the parents and share their observations of the child, discuss effective techniques that they used when playing with the child and brainstorm future activities for their current goals.

Over the 6.5 years I have been here at The Autism Treatment Center of America, I have both led and been a part of many of these wonderful meetings. Having frequent group meetings for your Son-Rise Program will keep you all on the same page as a team and inspire you to keep the attitude and techniques of your program alive. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love group meetings.

1) During this meeting we focus heavily on what your child is doing, rather than what they are not doing.

2) This time to show gratitude to the child and all the team members who are part of the program.
3) It’s time set aside specifically to talk about your child and your program, with no distractions and other places to be.

4) It’s a bonding experience where you can really spend quality time with the people that are in your child’s life.

5) You can get other team members insights and ideas when your own may be a little stale or repetitive.
6) You can practice being creative and spontaneous as you brainstorm with the team, which will help you in the playroom.

7) You can gather information about what’s working and not working with your child and gain a clearer understanding of how to help them.
Please feel free to share what you love about group meetings or any thoughts you have about them.
Lots of love,
Becky xxx

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