Re-initiating the Same Game!

FROM BECKY: I was working with a wonderful parent of a child with Autism in our Son-Rise Program Intensive this week. I was observing him playing with his sweet four year old son in such a beautiful way. His son was really motivated for snacks from the shelf and his father was working on attention span and helping his child use the clear, single word “Eat”.

This lovely boy was doing so amazingly and made many attempts at saying the word “Eat”. he seemed to enjoy being challenged and said the approximation “ee” many times. At one point he also said the whole word “Eat” really clearly! This interaction had everything going for it. His son was connected (smiling, looking, trying again and again to say the word). There was a clear motivation that his Dad was offering him, helping him to stay involved and his Dad was bright, fun and really user-friendly as he ran to the shelf again and again to get him more snacks, he requested so beautifully while celebrating his sons language.

After playing that for about 7-8 minutes, his son was exclusive so he joined him for about three minutes until he gave another green light of looking in his Dad’s eyes. With this look, his Dad initiated a tickle game. My feedback to him was to RE-INITIATE the SAME GAME! Go back to the original game they were playing of working on the word “Eat”. Here are the reasons why re-initiating the same game is really effective with your child.

1) It helps your child to FOCUS on ONE ACTIVITY and going back to the same game INCREASES his/her INTERACTIVE ATTENTION SPAN skills.

2) There was a CLEAR MOTIVATION in the game that he already knew his child loved and wanted so the work on finding a new motivation was not needed.

3) He was doing so well with trying to say the clear word that there was more to go in INSPIRING GROWTH for his child. The game had so many fantastic elements that there no need to try another one until your child is showing no more interest in the game that was being played before.


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