Three E’s Can Work Anywhere

I am sitting in the Airport watching people shuffle from one direction to the next. I catch myself excitedly waiting to see the next smile break across the hurried travelers faces. This, to me, seems like a rare jewel buried amongst a sea of people. Eye contact is low as conversations are passed between flight attendants and travelers. Greetings are lost behind hurried transactions and last minute adjustments. I am fascinated as I sit on the floor of Gate 21 awaiting the next stage of my journey. Then I see a flight attendant exit the door of Gate 20. His three E’s enter the room before his feet do. He greets the tired passengers with a smile as he cracks jokes and makes eye contact with everyone that approaches him. The room seems to now breath and move with excitement. The passengers are now smiling and laughing. Even those sitting in my Gate have perked up! Can you imagine what that same energy, excitement and enthusiasm adds to your playroom? The slightest shift in your own attitude can make a profound difference in those around you!

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  1. Lisa says:

    So true my time in there is so FUN when I remember that! and remember I have to take the first step and make it great! My son doesn't judge me he just thinks I am the funniest thing on two feet, and I think every smile and laugh he gives me is a thank you and an I love you.

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