How Being Happy Can Help Your Child!

FROM BECKY: I read a beautiful quote recently that resonated with me and applies so much to working with our children with Autism and running a Son-Rise Program.

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path” (Buddha)

I love this quote so much! When I am focusing on my own happiness and comfort first, things seem to fall into place. I get more of the things I want, I feel extremely present and loving, and I am my most effective at communicating, I excel in my job, I am the most connected in my relationships, and it feels better! So why wouldn’t I choose happiness?

When you are with your child, in the playroom, around the house, etc, try prioritizing your own happiness and comfort. That in of itself will be the main thing that will help you run a successful program.

You will not be attached to, or pushing your child to recover, they will feel your acceptance of them and move toward you instead of away from you. You will be an attractive and inspiring role model and teacher for them in their lives, and you will be at your most creative and effective at knowing how to help them and what to do next. So instead of saying “I will be happy when my child changes”, instead, say “My child will change because I am happy”.

Happy thoughts to all!

Becky xxx

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