Some Inspiring Words For Our Amazing Children!!!!

From: Kim

You are so special! Great work! Way to go! Keep up the great work! You are such a fun friend/son/daughter! You are spectacular! I love being your mom/dad! You are so smart! What a great idea! You are so kind! You are so talented! What a big heart you have! What a great helper! Super Star! You Rock! Wooohooo! Outstanding! You are my superhero! You are such a great friend! You are excellent! Thanks for being Mommy’s/Daddy’s little helper! Thank you for being so special! I love having you in my life! I love your smile! You’re beautiful! Great attitude! You are so much fun! You are such a wonderful gift to me! You are so much fun to be with! I love your ideas! Super! You can do anything! What a beautiful picture, I love the colors! You are so incredible! That is so nice of you to help your mom/dad/brother/sister/friend! I love spending time with you! I believe in you! Fantastic work! You are such a cool guy/girl! You are a fabulous dancer/singer! I love talking with you, hearing you tell me your stories! Thank you for showing me your amazing smile! Thank you for being such a wonderful son/daughter/child! I love you! I love you! I love you!

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