Stims – Isms – Repetitious Behaviors

FROM WILLIAM: Stims, or how we refer to them in The Son-Rise Program – isms, come in many shapes and forms. I never stop being amazing at how a child (young or old) will take care of themselves. In a world that is overwhelming to them they strive for a predictable, safe place inside themselves (like we all do). I have seen isms where a child will: – line up objects (books, cars, etc) – walk around reciting words or phrases from their favourite TV program – stare off across the room – read the same book over and over again – look for crumbs on the floor – ask the same question over and over again (where’s mum, what time is it, etc) – talk continuously about their favourite topic (darts, car emblems, star wars, etc.) – bounce up and down on a therapy ball for hours – drink water and then urinate, all day long …and the list goes on and on. They do it for a reason – our role is to love them during these times so we can become part of their safe predictable world. It is from this place that your child will open up to you more. When Jade, my daughter who had autism, ismed (drawing, stacking Lego blocks, doing small wood puzzles, etc.) we would referred to them as “Jade’s Wonderland”. It was with that thought that we would join her, loving her in a way that she could fully take in that we loved her, even during the times she was being very autistic. Give their ism a fun name and have fun joining them in their unique behavior. Love and smiles William

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