Taking the Next Step

FROM WILLIAM: As you read this stop for a moment and ask yourself what is one thing that I have done, said or thought that is caring, giving or loving of someone else. If you are having trouble finding something – go back a day or two or even the last week and find something.

Now hold that thought and allow yourself to feel good about what you did. You may start to say “yes but…” and start to think of all the things you have to handle or all the situations you have not been caring, giving or loving. Tell yourself that you are good at thinking those thoughts and now you just want to take a moment to think of a situation where you were loving, giving or caring of another person.

Allow yourself to be filled with these good thoughts and feelings and from this place take the next step in your life (i.e. doing the dishes, picking the kids up, doing the bills, fixing that window, driving to work, etc.).

Enjoy your day a little bit more than you did yesterday.

With Love and smiles


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