From Kate Wilde:

Transitions are the moment in-between one thing ending and another beginning. A moment that only exists if we cling to what has gone before – or resist what is presently happening. We know that our children with Autism have a challenge with this – but think for a moment for times in your life that you have had the exact same challenge. In your life right now -what are you clinging to? – or what change are you resisting ? Our children can be mirrors, helping us see ourselves more clearly.

When you have a time or moment in mind, close your eyes, smile and embrace your clinging, or your resisting. Love yourself – and let it go.

If you see your child with Autism having a challenge transitioning before you do or say anything – close your eyes and embrace their resistence – letting go of  resistence inside of yourself to their resistence.

Once we do that then anything can happen.

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