From Kate Wilde:

This past weekend I spent three days in Baltimore having fun with a great family who are running a Son-Rise Program for their three year old boy with Autism. Boy was he cute- one of the many cute things about him was that he would talk to you while looking straight into your eyes in long sentences, at the end of which he would punctuate his sentences by nodding his head “yes” very earnestly. He would then keep on talking to you – this would go on for at least a minute. Although it did seem like he was telling us something very important of great delight and meaning – we could not understand anything he said!  Even though you did not understand him, you knew from his many expressions that he was very excited and pleased about what he was saying. One of the goals we chose for him was “Clarity of speech” – stage 2 in the Son-Rise Program Developmental Model.

This family has 9 volunteers – yes that right 9 – Whoo Hoo!!

Let this be an inspiration to you in believing that is it possible to find volunteers. I had the good fortune to meet everyone of them and to give feedback to most of them. They were all without exception, lovely open and creative people.

All these volunteers came from an Art college – maybe that explains why they were all so creative? So for those of you looking for volunteers for your program, look up the art colleges in your area- I think it will be a great source of volunteers for you.

Good luck with your search – no matter what – keep searching – your volunteers are out there.
 With love to you

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow ~ nice progress and amazing support! NINE volunteer. Thank you for inspiring me to keep plugging along

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