Choose a Happy Easter!

FROM SIMONE – It’s usual in these occasions that we wish each other a Happy occasion being it Easter, Christmas or any Holiday or special occasion. We wish as we would wish it to be sunny or rainy, wishing that something happens, something I have no control over. As we know and exercise with the Option Process, happiness is a choice so let’s choose for ourselves a Happy Easter, Happy Holiday, Happy Summer!

Our choice can start from adopting the belief that it doesn’t matter how my Easter or Holiday is, as in very different from other families, it will be delightful! I hear it all the time in these holidays that there’s a special sadness in the air as my child won’t open presents, won’t choose presents, won’t decorate a tree, won’t hunt Easter eggs, can’t eat chocolate. All things that other children do. The rule we cruelly adopt for our lives is everybody does things this particular way, if I don’t do it this particular way, then I can not possibly be happy. The simple question is “Why not?” and my suggestion is go check a family who are doing all these things that you set as a pre-requisite for happiness and check how happy they are. Are they? They could be, but I bet a lot of families who have all your pre-requisite for happiness are feeling sick for eating too much chocolate, siblings are fighting because of a last caramel, Parents are complaining they are spending a fortune on chocolate, the entire family is arguing in a car stuck at a traffic jam on their way to a Holiday resort they will not enjoy. How many times we have looked at such families and thought “ungrateful”, if I was in their place I would know how to be grateful, well, we are not in their place, but we are at our place, right where we are at the moment, and there is someone else looking at our place, right now, right where we are, thinking “ungrateful” if I were there…
Be grateful for exactly where you are, can’t eat chocolate? Great! Cheaper, the money you save you can get something your child will really enjoy, instead of stomach aches and hyper tantrums which are not enjoyable to anyone; can’t go places? Great! Where you are is the best place you can be because you are with your loved ones and it is the best place to be because you chose it that way. Still would like it to be more Easter like? Buy hollow Easter eggs and fill them up with your child’s treats, the ones he or she can have, bake biscuits and cut them with Easter shaped cutters, dress yourselves as Easter eggs and have your children find you in a huge egg hunt, if your child likes sensory input they can be the egg and you can “decorate” them by stipulating that “icing” will be long strokes, “chocolate sprinkle” will be little tickles, “coconut flakes” will be little scratches, and so on but above all enjoy yourselves, don’t waste the “now” thinking what if? Live the “now”, “now” is always as beautiful and as happy as you make it to be.
Choose a Happy Easter everybody!

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