Do Something New to Help Your Child!

FROM BECKY: I am about to begin a series of lectures on The Son-Rise Program to small groups around the North East of the USA. This is the very first time I have done any presenting of any kind to a group and I am super excited and ready for this new adventure!

When I picture my life and who I used to be 7 years ago when I first began my Son-Rise Program training, I would never have imagined in a million years that I would be confident and comfortable enough to talk in front of groups. Even being in a group of three or more people would send me blushing and comparing myself to others and doubting my abilities in some way.

The reason I am now in a place to be able to do this now is because I dared to do something different! My desire to work with children and to help families was greater than my fear of jumping in!

As parents of children with autism, one of the best and most beautiful ways of inspiring your child to change is to look within and start with YOU! The more you transform yourself, the more you will see your child responding, changing and growing with you as you run your Son-Rise Program.

Here are three simple ways you can start to change yourself in order to help your child:
1) Think differently!
Our beliefs are often so ingrained in us, they feel like facts. All beliefs are changeable. At one point, people believed the world was flat! That was not a fact, it was merely a belief. Maybe you have a limiting belief that is getting in the way of you moving forward (e.g. “I am not fun or creative enough” or “If I fully accept my child’s autism then I wouldn’t do anything more to help them”, etc). Just by changing these thought patterns day by day, you will fill yourself more with thoughts that will suport you and your child. These thoughts will turn into beliefs and become easier and easier to embody.

2) Do something new!
The only way to change yourself is to actually act differently. Challenge yourself to do something you have never done before each day. Perhaps you could use a new voice in the playroom, play with a toy you have never played with before, be authentic with someone in your life and share something with them something you never have. You can do it!

3) Do it for your child!
Think about what you are asking your child to do. You are asking them to move mountains inside of themselves, to stretch themselves to want to learn and grow more. Do the same for yourself! Reach inside yourself and find the courage to change. Your child is looking to you to learn how to be in life, you are their biggest inspiration.

Have fun growing!

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